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Picture is drawn by Reaperkun.

3LIXAR (Amber) is a bag of piss from California. She makes dumb jokes.


She made a joke involving Dora and Skrillex while in a Skype call once and then started to upload more jokes until she ascended to where she is now. She hosted an album called Corycore and regrets not naming it Hardcory. She now resides in the depths of something that some people call "SoundClown".

Computer lab video thing00:10

Computer lab video thing

Whoo! Yeah! Yeah. What's up? Go Cory! (Go, go!) Go Cory! (go, go, go, go!) Listen up: here we go! I'm the new kid, moving in, getting it done. and I'm officially the candidate for having some fun. You know (you better calm down Cory) (yea yea) I'm talking 'bout all-out party and we're getting it started. Mr. President, do you mind some electric guitar? Washington D.C will be never the same. cuz we've got  Cory, Cory, Cory  in the House. yea. It's a party every week, baby Cory, Cory, Cory Check it out. That's right, I'm in the House He's gonna shake it up and change it (shake it up) Take it all and rearrange it (just a little bit) Got a new plan, Hey Uncle Sam!(look out now) we've got Cory in the House (Par-ty!) Cory in the House! I'm your man!


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  • Released: TBA Late Spring/Summer 2014

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